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Diet Trends: What You Should Know
Dieting is the only game where you win when you lose. K. LagerfeldChances are, you’ve come across some information about[...]
Visceral Fat: The Dangers Run Deeper Than You Think
Health is like money.  We never have a true idea of its value until we lose it.  Josh BillingsOftentimes, the[...]
Intermittent Fasting: Diet Trend or Scientific Breakthrough?
The best of all medicines is resting and fasting.” Benjamin FranklinHere at Cenegenics®, we believe in finding healthy, sustainable approaches[...]
Testosterone Therapy: Cenegenics vs. Low-T Clinics
The greatest wealth is health. Virgil Low testosterone is a widespread concern among many middle-aged men, though issues with hormone[...]
The Main Causes of High Cholesterol | Road Map to a Heart Attack
Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have. Winston S. ChurchillHigh cholesterol is very common in the U.S.,[...]
4 Dos and Don’ts for Eating Healthy While Traveling
The habits that took years to build,  do not take a day to change. Susan PowterAs a resident of New York,[...]
Getting Back on Track with Diet & Exercise: Staying Motivated
When I lost all my excuses, I found all my results. UnknownAfter a long, strenuous week, it’s Friday! The work[...]
Healthy Snacks to Get You Through the Day
Calories from protein affect your brain, your appetite controlcenter, so you are more satiated and satisfied. Mark Hyman, M.D.In today’s[...]
7 Tips To Make Any Meal Healthier
By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. Benjamin Franklin​One of the main reasons people struggle to maintain success[...]
Are You Insulin Resistant? Here’s How Cenegenics Can Help
There are ways to cut cravings by naturally balancing your blood sugar. Mark Hyman, M.D.Insulin is a hormone produced by the[...]
What is Metabolic Syndrome? Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment
The simplest way to look at all these associations, between obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, cancer, and[...]
Causes of High Blood Pressure: How to Prevent Hypertension
Maintaining good control of glucose and hypertension [high blood pressure] limits morbidity and mortality. Stuart WeissHigh blood pressure, also referred[...]
The Link Between Chronic Inflammation & Deadly Diseases
Reduce inflammation to treat the root of many issues. If your gut isn't working right it can cause so many[...]
More Than 800,000 Americans Suffer From Heart Disease Every Year. Learn The Symptoms Here:
If you knew you could change your lifestyle and diet and avoid heart disease and other things, you should do[...]
Examples of Micronutrients That Can Help You Lose Weight!
We hold our own destiny three times a day in the choices we're making - when we're sitting down to[...]
The Role of Vitamins and Minerals as Micronutrients
Nutritional science has made such wonderful advances in the last 10 years, and we're now able to give people much[...]
Tired Of Being One In Every Three Adults Who Are Overweight In The U.S.? Here’s How Cenegenics Can Help
The standard American diet (sad) doesn't even supply a tenth of the micronutrients that humans require to prevent disease &[...]
6 Easy Tips To Keep Your Lost Weight Off
The food you eat can either be the safest & most powerful form of medicine…or the slowest form of poison.[...]
Achieving Healthy Weight Loss: The Problem with Fad Diets
When someone sets out on a new fad diet such as an extreme low-carb diet or one with another aggressive[...]
Why Am I Gaining Weight: Psychology of Weight Loss
Article at a Glance Fad diets are often the first mistake encountered by individuals attempting to lose weight. Fad diets[...]
Recognizing Your Risk Factors of Type 2 Diabetes
Article at a Glance Risk factors of type 2 diabetes include weight, inactivity, poor nutritional habits, poor lipid metabolism, genetic[...]
More Than 84 Million American’s Are At Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes. See How Cenegenics Can Help
Nearly 10% of the population is afflicted with diabetes making it among the most common diseases in the U.S. While[...]
See How Easily You Can Fight Inflammation With AGEs, The Most Effective Way To Losing Weight
What Are AGEs and the Impact of Inflammation? What Causes AGEs? Which Foods Are Naturally Low in AGEs? How Do[...]
See Why Cenegenics Is The Gold Standard Of Men’s Health With The VO2 Max Testing Machine
One of the unique advantages of Cenegenics’ Age Management program is the comprehensive testing performed by our clinical team. With[...]
What Are Processed Foods & Why Are They Dangerous?
You don't have to control your thoughts. You just have to stop letting them control you.  Dan MillmanNutrition is one[...]
Traditional Low-T Centers May Be Causing You To Miss Out On Weight Loss
Keep your vitality. A life without health is like a riverwithout water. Maxime LagaceA Google search for “Cenegenics alternatives” yields[...]
How Cenegenics Programs Differ from a Typical Weight Loss Program
Weight loss has become a priority for a growing portion of the population. According to the CDC, more than a[...]
Building a Nutritional Plan: Food for Weight Loss
Nutrition is the single most important factor in achieving sustainable weight loss. While it is widely accepted that a healthy[...]
Exercising Is Just The First Step In Weight Loss. Cenegenics Can Help You Conquer Your Goals
There are many health benefits to exercising. Reduced inflammation, improved coordination and balance, and reduced risks of serious diseases are[...]
Save $30,000 On Weight Loss Surgery By Joining Cenegenics
Article at a Glance Bariatric surgery is a surgical weight loss procedure designed to restrict the volume of food a[...]
Key to Health & Wellness: What is Cenegenics?
Founded in 1997, Cenegenics is the clinical leader in age management medicine having treated over 35,000 patients, 25% of which[...]
4 Ways To Make Your Diet Last
IntroductionThe start of a new year is traditionally the time to commit to positive change in the form of a[...]
Healthy Heart: What is Heart Disease? Preventive Steps and Recognizing Symptoms
Wellness encompasses a healthy body, a sound mind, and a tranquil spirit. Enjoy the journey as you strive for wellness[...]
New Year’s Resolutions: People Typically Fail for These Two Reasons
Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving. Albert EinsteinAccording to a statistical report[...]
This Is Why Morning People Are Healthier
Your social networks may matter more than your genetic networks. But if your friends have healthy habits, you are more[...]