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Elite Health Evaluation

The First Step Toward Age Defiance

It takes a personalized executive-level plan to facilitate executive-level health.

This plan is unlike any other and we mean that literally. Its one-of-a-kind design is built from the ground up for your body, your goals, and your lifestyle.

Most people who see their primary care physician about prevention are put on a generic cookie-cutter program that yields little to no lasting results.

You may have had this experience before, where you leave an appointment with more questions than answers.

It’s not the doctors’ fault, it’s simply the model of our current healthcare system. Aside from having out of date technology and almost no age management training, they have to see 30-40 patients a day just to keep the lights on.

The Cenegenics® Difference

We’ve been pioneering the way in age management solutions for over two decades. Through state-of-the-art diagnostics and our science-backed approach to medicine, accuracy is the key to finding, treating, and preventing issues. Our patients are not simply a number, they are prized and valued clients that we cheer on throughout their journey into age defiance.

Cenegenics patient on VO2 Max equipment
Cenegenics physicians, Dr. Leake and Dr. Mokhtare

Over 25% of Cenegenics® patients are actually physicians and their families.

Our Cenegenics® doctors must go through a rigorous year-long training in order to even be considered as a Cenegenics® partner. Once training is complete, only the top 1% are hand chosen to proceed. Our doctors understand age-related diseases, how to prevent them, and how to keep you feeling young.

You will have a whole team dedicated to your success. Your Cenegenics® physician will help you understand any and all test results, leaving no unanswered questions on the table. You will also have access to an exercise and nutrition consultant who will help design and regulate the exercise and diet portion of your program. Our professional scheduling coordinator will work to set appointments around your convenience and provide any additional services requested.

This full day evaluation will gauge everything from your overall health, possible underlying conditions, and a multitude of risk factors. Once this data has been gathered and analyzed, your Cenegenics® team will create a unique program around the results. This is the complete package to getting in the healthiest shape and mindset of your life. 

Depending on your individual needs, it may include the following:

Consult with Cenegenics® Physician - two hour, open-ended meeting with physician reviewing findings from labs, diagnostics, medical history, and lifestyle

100-Panel Blood Work - identifying risk factors, hormone and metabolic level, including inflammation

Physical Exam

Nutrition and Exercise Counseling

Strength, Flexibility and Postural Assessments

Resting Metabolic Rate - evaluate metabolism/ thyroid functioning

Carotid Artery Scan - looking for arterial blockages and plaque build-up

Cognitive Assessment Testing - short-term memory, speed, accuracy, and reaction time

DEXA Scan - spinal, hip and total-body bone density; body composition (lean muscle mass & fat tissue), body fat percentage

VO2 Test - determine current level of cardiopulmonary efficiency and update your exercise regimen program

This exam will be nothing short of eye-opening, life-changing, and quite possibly the best day that you will ever invest in future you. As you reach goals and milestones, program adjustments will be made to further tailor it around your body’s needs. With dozens of locations at world-wide destinations, quarterly and annual check-ins are simple, and can even be a great excuse for an extended stay or get-away.

Among physical changes, one of the first things patients often tell us after starting their new program is how dramatic their focus and concentration sky-rocket. This program is designed around improving mental agility and cognitive function, just as much as it is to improve functional strength and heart health. With Cenegenics® you can improve your edge, increase your longevity, and Reclaim Your Glory Days(™).

Take Control of Your Health