Frequently Asked Questions

Can I start Cenegenics Connect™ from my home?

Does insurance cover Cenegenics®?

What is Cenegenics® “total satisfaction “guarantee?

Where is my nearest Cenegenics® location?

What are the steps of the evaluation?

Will I be taking testosterone or other hormone therapies?

How long does it take to see changes?

How often will I see my Cenegenics® doctor?

Which nutraceutical supplements do patients receive?

How long will the consultation take?

Can I join the program if I’m already using a different hormone therapy program?

Is there a required age range for the Cenegenics® program?

Is Cenegenics® just a pill?

How long do I have to be on the program? Do I have to sign a contract?

I already exercise regularly and eat well. Isn’t that enough?

Which hormones are accessed in the program?

I have a very demanding schedule. What if I don’t have time to exercise as prescribed?

How safe is hormone therapy?

Can my current doctor order the blood work needed for Cenegenics®?