Genomic Testing

Simply put, genomic testing is a detailed look at your unique genetic makeup. There is an incredible amount of information inside each of your 22,000 genes, and we look at all of it.

On one hand, we can look at genetic factors influencing existing diseases to determine the best possible treatment. On another, we can tell you exactly what diseases you are at risk for, how severe that risk is, and the best possible prevention methods.

Understanding your health at that level isn't just important -- it's lifesaving.

Your Genome Can Reveal:

  • Ancestry
  • Diet, Lifestyle and Exercise Recommendations
  • DNA Specific Risks for Children and Family Members
  • Risks specifically for dementia and neurodegenerative problems
  • Treatments for Existing Disease -- Dosage and Medication selection
  • Risks for Thousands of Diseases (Cancer, Alzheimer's, Heart Disease, etc.)

Understanding Your Risk Through Your DNA

Your DNA can unveil many important factors. Imagine if you could find out something was coming down the pike sooner, rather than later. The necessary preventions could be taken to make it nothing more than a blip in your overall wellness instead of a health crisis.

Aging comes with many factors, and the possibility of disease is just one of them. Increased symptoms and underlying conditions make the risk of disease that much higher.

As you age:

  • Heart problems may arise
  • Hormonal fluctuations occur
  • Your bones can become brittle
  • Things like weight and diet can be difficult to control

What if you knew which of those you were prone to?


You had the tools to combat the warning signs manifested at your basic genetic level?

You Could Be Unstoppable

  • Seeing diseases like heart attack, diabetes and cancer cropping up in your social circle can be intimidating. Through Cenegenics®, you don’t have to live in fear of what could happen or how to prevent a current disease.
  • Genetic testing can be used to provide insight that is personal for your body.
  • You have all the information at your fingertips to become unstoppable. Understanding the intricate aspects of what makes you, you, is part of that equation. Cenegenics® excels at helping busy people just like you reach and maintain optimal health and performance.

It’s time to access the knowledge and tools you need to become the best version of yourself.

Give Yourself The Tools You Need

Unlike most traditional testing, genomic testing is designed around accuracy and precision. It unravels what works and what doesn’t work for your body. That’s why the resulting treatments and lifestyle recommendations are so effective.

Whether you’re dealing with a pre-existing condition or want to know your risk factors, genomic testing can help you improve your health and regain your vitality.

Our team is ready to provide you with an incredible experience!