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3rd Party Verified Reviews
3rd Party Verified Reviews



Cenegenics® taught me the value of interval training and how to establish a better diet. As I've followed their advice I've continued to improve and be motivated.

D.D. - Wheaton, MN

I choose to improve myself through living a Cenegenics® Lifestyle. Their professionals guided + advised me to strive for maximal results. I FEEL GREAT!!!!!

D.S. - Eagle River, AK

After 5 weeks I started feeling "it" and it was great to have some strength. I missed it. The improvements I've seen have been incredible.

W.P. - South Meridian, M.S.

Check out K.D.'s amazing transformation!

Check out C.P.'s amazing 90 day progress

My body composition has changed dramatically. So much so, I have had to buy a new wardrobe! (As you can imagine, I was so disappointed to give up my “fat pants.) I haven’t been this lean in 20 years and it feels great! My wife is very happy as well . . . wink wink.

My energy levels are high and given the tremendous levels of stress I am under at work, I honestly don’t think I could handle it had I not started this program. People I don’t see very often are astounded at the change in my appearance, and my friends and co-workers have all commented on how vital and bright I appear in contrast to the tired and haggard “me” they had grown accustomed to. So thank you, it’s great to feel alive again!



It was the most comprehensive evaluation of my health status that I’ve ever experienced.


Ashland, KY 

10/25/2018 Nate, Dr. Patel, and Saima:


Well, I had my annual physical yesterday and suffice it to say, my doctor was stunned.  Last November, my doctor said it was time for me to start taking health seriously.  He said the trend over the past 10 years was just not good, specifically from a weight perspective and my health was sure to follow and degrade shortly if things didn’t change.  The final dagger was he suggested that if I didn’t start ASAP, I might want to start rethinking my dreams of retiring in Florida or Palm Springs as I might not be around. 


As I described to you all when we met, I was a guy who hardly ever worked out but didn’t exactly eat poorly and thought I would be ok.  Couple that with the fact that I travel extensively thus eating right and exercise logistics can be more difficult and that becomes a handy excuse to not focus upon it and the downward spiral continues.  That all changed when we met at my Cenegenics® exam and became specifically apparent when Nate asked me casually to “just do as many pushups as you can” - as a guy that went to West Point this was especially painful when I could barely do 8, yes 8 pushups!


That day I specifically remember being asked by Nate and Dr. Patel, “What are you seeking to achieve?”  My answer, “A Life change” so I decided to go all in on all three areas (Nutrition, Exercise and Supplements) and give it a full and honest effort to see what could happen - well I sure got it.


Over the past year with the help of my Chicago Cenegenics® team, I have completely overhauled my life.  From a nutrition standpoint, and again I’ll state that I didn’t eat poorly (e.g. a lot of bad stuff) I just didn’t eat optimally - now I do (at least 98% of the time ;-).  More importantly I know what to eat and for what purpose.  Add to that I have easily worked out more in this last 12 months than I have in my last 30 years - more importantly, I actually know what I am doing and why in the weight & exercise room. 


The result, my health & cardiovascular levels are great, my body fat % continues to decline and I feel better than I can remember.


Thanks for all your support and help – you changed my life!


All the best

9/11/2019 Scott Lane:


First of all, Thank you and all of the All Alaska Outdoor staff. My wife and I really enjoyed our recent say at your lodge, very relaxing great fishing and a plus for me was the Wellness lecture
and dinners You hosted each evening.

I also want to try to express what a positive, life-changing event it has been for Me since my first visit to the lodge in 2012. Of course, I enjoyed All Alaska Outdoors fishing, the fly in trips, the
fellowship and all the lodge as to offer.

However, the big game-changer was on April 13, 2015, when I became one of your Cenegenics® patients, a decision made after feeling the passion you have for this program and seeing your
own success with it.

Four years ago I was overweight and physically tired all the time. My thought processes were sluggish and I did not enjoy interacting with others, nor did they enjoy having to deal me. At
best, I could have been described as being moody.

Simple day to day life was wearing me out. I would awake tired, underperform throughout out the day, go to bed tired, toss and turn all night long, seemed like a never-ending cycle.

Now a little more then four years after becoming your patient, I have experienced a positive and complete turnaround!

I have improved in all areas. First of all, my weight to date: down 55 lbs. I went from 33% to 15% body fat. I would like to emphasize, not only have I lost weight but based on blood work and testing results, I have improved in all measurable areas as well.

No longer tired thought out the day, and when I go to bed, I go into a sound sleep and awake rested and ready/excited to start the day.

My thoughts are clear and focused, This is not just my opinion, as others have noticed this as well.

My mood and relationship with others have all improved, no longer a grumpy old man in my

I now have an understanding of what and when to eat, how to exercise and why.

Bob, I could go on and on listing the ares of improvements since I've started on the Cenegenics® program, but basically I just wanted to thank you for your effort that I have received.

Scott Lane
Cenegenics® Alaska Patient since 2015
Returning All Alaska Outdoors guest since 2012

Scott Lane

Scottsdale, AZ 

Soldtana, Alaska

The comments and compliments I get are beyond belief!  This is a life endeavor and is not ego-motivated. It’s actually quite flattering considering this is something I do for my well-being. My weight is down between 20 and 22 pounds. My muscle mass has not suffered as evidenced by the fact that my weight training strength continues to progress. My energy levels are excellent and unless I’ve put myself in a situation where healthy food is not available (this is very rare), I’m never hungry.

When I’m frequently asked about the “diet” I’m on, my response is that I’m not on a diet.  As a matter of fact, I can’t say I have those times when someone is dieting (on one of those roller-coaster diets) and their blood sugar is low, they’re ravenously hungry and foraging for something to get them through to their next meal.  When asked how much weight do I intend to lose or how long I intend to diet, my response is that I expect to eat this way forever and that it’s effortless.


Scottsdale, AZ 

Scottsdale, AZ 

Thank you! I am looking and feeling younger every day. Really, I can’t thank you enough. I tell all my friends. People are starting to ask me what I’m doing . . . bless you! 


Napa Valley, CA 

I feel like a new woman. I cannot believe how much better I feel. Do you know the past two weeks are the first time in three years I’ve not had a blasting headache at 4 pm? No more pills to sleep—I’m doing it on my own, and not only that, but I’m waking up naturally after eight hours or so. I was squished into a size 16 and now am in a loose 12. And I have no cravings. I feel human again and together.


Nahant, MA

I cannot overstate how grateful I am for your efforts to help me become healthier and more vibrant. I was in such a low place, feeling lost and hopeless about what I could do to ever feel strong and get to a healthy weight again. I was not kidding when I told you the other day that you have given me the keys to use that will save my life!  I’m losing weight, feeling stronger . . . knowing what I need to do and who to go to when I have questions is such a huge emotional relief. I no longer feel the despair and frustration about how my life was going.  You are directly responsible for that change, and I cannot put into words how important that is to me!


Vacaville, CA

My trousers are starting to fit better and although I haven’t noted any significant weight loss, my belt is moving to the next hole and people have commented that I do not look as bloated.


Las Vegas, NV

There are no words to describe my satisfaction with the whole program, I feel soooooo good, I have lots of energy, I am eating well and exercising 6 days a week, my personal trainer is with me twice a week, I can already see results and it’s very rewarding.


Bonita Springs, FL

I just wanted to send you a short note thanking you for the vast overall improvement I have made since starting on your program. My energy levels have increased dramatically. My moods are more consistent, I think clearer and am much more focused. I am sleeping better and wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and in a good mood. I just finished a huge project that was very demanding and never ran short of energy or felt that I could not handle the workload. Previous to being on the Cenegenics® program, this would not have been the case. Thanks for making my life more enjoyable and for giving me a new lease on life. 


Huntsville, AL

(1.15.19) My evaluation with Dr. Socol was great and together we are seeing wonderful results. Dr. Socol is the best and I always really look forward to my time with him.

My consultations with Juliana Jason on diet and exercise and are great. She is so helpful on tweaking my diet and exercise programs. Together we are really making headway.

I began my program with you in August 06. 2018. Juliana and I met in your San Francisco office on 12.19.2018 for a body composition analysis and overall review. At that time I had lost 15.8 lbs of fat while gaining 12.8 lbs of muscle. Yahoo! Juliana suggested I try your pre work out formula and recovery formula . I am doing that and I am really seeing continued results in increasing strength and fat loss. Ya!

Overall, every Cenegenics® team member up and down the line has been exceptional to work with. I could not be more pleased and complimentary. On a scale of one to 5 stars, I give you all a 6+ star rating.

Have a wonderful day.


Vacaville, CA

I’m back from another one of my excellent adventures, this time to Peru . . .following the Inca Trail from Cusco to Machu Picchu. We hiked up Wyna Picchu one morning, steep and nasty at some points . . . My strength and recovery training served me well.  My first assent into Machu Picchu from Agua Caliente was challenging. The tour organizer only allowed three of us to make the climb taking the rest of the group up by bus.  I was amazed not to be sore at all the next day, fully recovered.  It was a good thing because a small group of us climbed Wyna Picchu the next morning before breakfast.  Never throughout the whole trip did I feel exhausted or run down.

So next up for me is Aspen, then I’ll dive the Galapagos for seven days off the Lamer Law, followed by several days in the Peruvian rainforest at the mouth of the Amazon River.  There is a chance I may go to Africa late next year.  And I’m working with an expedition organizer to dive the Antarctic in 2009.  Diving the Antarctic is a long time dream of mine. I’ve dived with the Antarctic humpback whales in Tonga in the dead of their winter.  This would be a chance to catch them on the other end of their migration path, the Antarctic in midsummer. I would like to thank Cenegenics for your continued support helping me achieve my dreams.


Milwaukee, WI

I had a follow-up electrocardiogram last week. My cardiac ejection fraction before Cenegenics® Medical Institute therapies was 30%. Now after three months on my Cenegenics® program, it is now 55%, and my cardiac study was normal. The electro-physiologist told me “to keep doing what ever you are doing.” I intend to do that. I am stronger than ever before and keeping up with my 7-year-old daughter and 12-year-old son.


Cape Girardeau, MO

Not to be silly, but from the day I came to see you my life has dramatically changed. I was very unhappy with myself . . . Yesterday, I received a note from a lady in our church choir, wanting to know what I have done, and asking if I would talk with her son about diet and fitness.

For some time, I have thought about retiring (again). As an interim step, I have accepted the presidency of Ronald McDonald Charities. Because of the new Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital, we are going to have to raise $7 -$10 million . . . I only share this with you so that you know how important and far-reaching your practice has become. You have helped refocus my life and I appreciate it. Often, we don’t know how many lives we have impacted.

D.C.B. Jr. 

Nashville, TN

I cannot believe after one month on the program how great I feel . . . [which was] further confirmed by my local physician who could not believe the weight loss and my general mood. She noted that I had lost 12 pounds and advised me to totally drop [the medication for] mild depression I had been taking for three years. I am beyond impressed at my libido, my energy and my enthusiasm for each day. Thank you, Cenegenics®, for showing me the way!


Las Vegas, NV 

I have successfully completed my first two weeks of my new diet/lifestyle . . . I feel better too–less bloated, lighter feeling, more energy—my afternoon siestas are no longer required.  You have no idea how helpful you were in passing along the literature on diabetes—specific recipes and general information. Thank you. I have also attached my first week’s results from my exercise program . . .I actually ran one complete mile yesterday—that has not happened in a LONG time; it felt good to move/glide through space again. It is very exciting to be feeling better and stronger.


San Diego, CA

My primary goal in coming to Cenegenics® was to improve my cycling performance. Since meeting with you I have strictly followed your nutritional guidelines with a few exceptions. Something I noticed right away was that I didn’t suffer from the almost daily 3-4 pm afternoon crash. I get typically six hours of sleep during the week. I am an early riser and would constantly suffer during my afternoon drive home just to keep my eyes open. I always attributed this to the amount of sleep I was getting never considering it could be related to diet. After four weeks I haven’t suffered a single afternoon trying to stay awake. This alone was worth my visit. I don’t feel as if I am a menace on the roadways during the afternoon.

Since our meeting I have felt strong during my training rides. Last weekend was my first race since implementing the program. It was a four-stage race held in the Brian Head, Utah area. This race is one of the more demanding due to it being raced at altitudes above 10,000 feet with long steep mountain grades. I had one of my best performances ever during the most difficult stage on Sunday. I completely dominated and controlled the pace of the peloton. To say the least I was very pleased.


Boulder City, NV

Having been a patient in many and varied medical facilities worldwide over 40 plus years. I can state that the professional attention to detail of patient concern and information and encouragement is unmatched.


Sierra Vista, AZ

The Patient Services team is truly five-star. I have totally embraced the complete Cenegenics® program. My exercise and diet have changed dramatically, and it is easy to stick to when you see the results. I am seeing dramatic results. I have lost 2 inches of abdominal fat, from a 36″ waist to a 34″ waist in only the first 6 weeks. No matter what I did, for the last 6 years I wasn’t able to lose the fat. I remember asking my doctor last year about the abdominal fat and his answer was “well you are over 50”! Not the answer I wanted to hear. I am extremely happy with all the results both mentally and physically. My Cenegenics® physician is a fantastic doctor in all aspects. My wife is so impressed with my progress; she will probably make an appointment. Cenegenics® works.


Las Vegas, NV

The baseline evaluation done at Cenegenics® – Las Vegas underscored the need for hormone modulation with my percentage of body fat being almost 25% and my bone density low.  The lowest area measured was the lumbar spine with a T. score of -2.3 and Z. score of -1.9.  After about 20 months of hormone optimization and improved diet, the new scan showed my body fat down to 17.3% and my L1-L4 density to have increased to a T. score of -1.6 and a Z. score of -1.2.

This program has been truly life altering especially when taken together with the early diagnosis of my hereditary hemochromatosis, found during the initial screening blood work for the Elite Health Evaluation. Thanks and best wishes.


Wenatchee, WA

I lost 20 pounds with relative ease and maintained my strength.  I can’t tell you how much Cenegenics® has meant to my overall well-being. Thanks so much for your help.


Tucson, AZ

Just a quick update, I have been on my meds for exactly two weeks now and I can feel it starting to work. My trousers are starting to fit better and although I haven’t noted any significant weight loss, my belt is moving to the next hole and people have commented that I do not look as bloated.


Las Vegas, NV

I am absolutely thrilled with the results I’m getting under your care and guidance. As you know, before I started I was already on the Paleo diet and was exercising regularly with a trainer. However, I had reached a plateau and could not get any further no matter how hard I tried. After you did my preliminary analysis, you told me why I wasn’t making progress and exactly what I needed to do about it. That was, as I recall, in March. It’s now August and my family and friends don’t recognize me. I’ve lost at least 35 pounds of fat and added about 7 pounds of muscle.

My boys, who are all active participants in team sports at school and avid weight lifters, are stunned by my progress. I’ll be 60 in February and I can bench with them pound for pound. These are all 6 footers plus, who are all near 200 pounds. I’m told by everyone that I look like I’m in my mid-40s! But appearance is only one aspect of the transformation. I’ve got energy to burn. I can run like I did when I was a boy. Not just distance, but I can sprint hard and fast. I’m happy and confident all of the time.

And as far as the fair sex is concerned, I can only say the effects are unbelievable. If I went into details, I’m quite certain you’d think I was wildly exaggerating. Fortunately, it’s all true. I’d be happy to speak personally with any skeptics. This is for real. I’ve got a whole new lease on life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


New Canaan, NV

Within a few days after the evaluation day and prescribed changes in my food habits, my body began feeling lighter, my mind clearer than ever before and my retention improved in great measure. All of these have added new dimensions to my work and life. Unbelievably, I’m like a new person and I don’t have the extreme cravings for smoking, and I have an entirely new frame of mind. These results impressed me enough to take the time to write this. Thanks to you and your staff for this new world of mine.


Las Vegas, NV

Just a note to thank each of you for the valuable and enriching experience I had with you and the Cenegenics® team yesterday . . . I wanted to express to you how impressed I was with the informative and caring way in which you approached my medical/wellness situation. I appreciate your unvarnished recommendations and characterization of my choices. I want to be one of the patients who keeps living the lifestyle, rather than one who goes back to old ways after realizing they’ve survived.  I enjoyed my Cenegenics® physician’s academic as well as intuitive manner of listening, researching, examining, educating and prognosticating on my health and wellness issues. I look forward to working with you. Thank you all again for your professional services.


Sarasota, Fl

Thanks for all of the things you are doing to help me and my family get and stay healthy. I bought a jump rope today and will begin using it tomorrow morning.  I plan on being significantly lighter next time I see you. I believe that you have created a very capable and professional staff of people who have always treated me with professional kindness and efficiency.  I feel very privileged to be able to be a part of your operation.


Vacaville, CA

I appreciate the high level of care and service that I have received and continue to receive from you since I started the Cenegenics® program. You have always made yourself accessible and have responded immediately to any problems or questions I have had. You have set a new standard of care that I have not seen from any of my local doctors. Thanks again to you and your staff for all the support!

J.V. Jr

Painesville, Oh

I am truly amazed at the sincere approach you have in helping me make some tough life decisions and changes.  When I was at your facility, I felt a strong sense of caring from you and all your staff that I have never felt from any other medical facility since my angioplasty, two years ago.

Everything about Cenegenics® is so amazingly refreshing and different from the normal apathetic approach to medicine.  I had almost lost my faith in the medical practice before I happened to see your ad in the newspaper . . . I was surprised at the speedy response I received . . . (a Cenegenics® physician) and I talked for quite a long while, which never happens anywhere else.

Your assistants were marvelous . . . friendly and sincere.  They did a great job helping me feel comfortable in my room and serving an excellent tasty light lunch.  My nutritionist helped map out the direction that I will be going and made sure I understood why these changes were necessary.  She truly knows her stuff and has a great way about her delivery . . .

In this world, where people have become so disconnected from each other and no one or nothing truly has any value.  I have come to a deep understanding that quality people should be recognized.  You and your staff are the best in the business and certainly worth every penny.


Henderson, NV

I wanted to thank you for a great day at Cenegenics®.  I’ve told a number of friends about it and recommended it to them. I have also raved about the quality of the staff, the time people spent with me and the overall ambiance and friendliness.  It is truly a first class operation, as well as a good business model, which as a businessperson I respect.


Rockport, ME

I am a new patient of your clinic. I visited your Las Vegas facility . . . for the initial evaluation. I was quite impressed with everyone that I came in contact with that day . . . I completed your evaluation form while I was there, but I wanted to “go the extra mile” and personally apprise you of the very positive experience I had. As the president of a service company (tax-free money management) as well, I am aware of how difficult it can be to have a staff that is professional, friendly, knowledgeable and well trained. I had participated in another clinic’s program and the difference as the cliché states was night and day. I thought you would like to know.

J.F. Ranhofer 

 Valencia, CA 

I would like to thank you for such a wonderful time with you and your staff. I [am] looking forward to all the great results. This morning I have starting talking with my parents about your services and will continue to do so. I feel they can both benefit greatly for it . . . [The Cenegenics® physician] was very nice and took the time to hear what I had to say and also gave me some important information. The staff was helpful and kind. I look forward to working with you . . . and your staff. Mahalo, that means, “thank you.”


 Kula, HI

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